• Creating a PowerPoint Presentation with the Open XML SDK 2.0

    March 15th, 2009stuartwhiteford.NET, C#

    Let’s finish this trilogy off Revenge Of The Sith style (going through the motions, nobody really cares anymore, etc.). I have to admit to cheating a bit with this one. I used the DocumentReflector tool that comes with the SDK, mainly because my attempts to create a presentation from scratch were proving fruitless and it seems you need a fair amount of code just to create the most basic of presentations.

    Given the increased amount of code I’ve decided to provide it as a download rather that display it in the page. You can get it from here.

    That’s enough Open XML for now. Something different next time I think.

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  • I am guessing that without a template this code would be a lot simpler. I also can’t help but get the feeling that XML SDK code would look much more simpler if it were segregated out more although all the code is related visually it looks confusing. At least for default objects you could segregate the code maybe.

    Regards, Paul

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